Everything About ‘Wanna Get Away ‘Fare If You Are Flying With Southwest Airlines

Nobody Denies getting away to explore various landscapes in the world .This is why more and more people love to travel .Is Southwest Airlines is your choice? Do you know how “wanna get away “fare is different from the other fare of Southwest Airlines? Even if Southwest Airlines does not offer business class, it serves affordable airfares classified into three categories as business select anytime and wanna get away.

When it comes to Southwest Airlines flight booking, wanna get away fares are indeed good for you .However wanna get away fares come with some restrictions that you should beware of.

“Wanna Get Away” Fares Are Non Refundable

What makes ‘Wanna Get Away’ fares unique from other fares is that they are non –refundable of course, wanna get away “fares are affordable and never let you make a hole in your pocket when it comes to flying last –minute. The fares that are not refundable and business select fall into “wanna get away” fare bucket .This means you don’t have go through financial uncertainties when the idea of flying at the last moment comes to your mind.

What to Expect and What Not To?

Obliviously, wanna get away ‘fares are not a basic economy fare .However you are still allowed to carry two bags for free .you will get few Rapid Rewards Point .If you fly on a different same day flight, you have to pay extra. The best thing about wanna get away ‘.fare is that where no fee charged for flight at anytime .Keep in mind that airfare go high as travel dates come closer.

You Can Earn Rapid Rewards Points

Flying with southwest airlines is indeed the right choice for budget traveler’s .when you want to book Southwest Airlines flight Tickets at reasonable prices ,you must prefer wanna get away ‘fare as you can easily earn Rapid rewards 6 to 10 points per dollar you spend to make reservations.

If you choose Southwest Airlines and want cost effective option, wanna get away ‘fares are indeed good for you.